Home Communications, Inc.

About HCI


Home Telephone Company, DBA in Galva, celebrated their 75th anniversary in 2008. From its’ humble beginnings with Miles and Blanche Baldwin purchasing the New Gottland Telephone Exchange in 1933, HCI has grown into a technology leader for rural communications.

Now in its fourth generation ownership and management, HCI provides quality telephone service, Broadband and video services (television) to customers in Galva, Canton, Roxbury, Assaria, Mentor, Salemsborg, Falun, Smolan, Geneseo and other surrounding rural areas via state of the art fiber-to-the-home facilities.

In 2012, HCI will be the first company in Kansas to offer Skitter TV. HCI-Skitter TV will be an enhancement to the subscriber's exsisting broadband connection, with affordable pricing, popular channel line-up and internet-TV viewing options.

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